Whole new JETKO EX 1/8 SGT system coming up!

Posted on October 01, 2021

It‘s a brand new concept for JETKO SGT tires! The JETKO SGT tire ideals with 1/8 monster truck wheels and whole new extremely flat tires! With a belted carcass that will help to prevent tire expansion at high RPM, as well as speed runs and high speed bashers. It was made with USA rubber and all secured with LOCTITE instant adhesive to insure quality! It’s easy to switch hex system with wheel connectors by 17mm and 12mm and so on! This SGT tires are not only for 1/8 MT but 1/10 chassis also such as Traxxas Hoss and Maxx! Just come and feel the all new JETKO EX tires!
JK1601 1/8 SGT 3.8 EX-TOMAHAWK
JK1602 1/8 SGT 3.8 EX-KING COBRA
JK1603 1/8 SGT 3.8 EX-ROCKFORM
JK7301B1 Wheel Connector--17mm 0 offset(Narrow)
JK7301B2 Wheel Connector--17mm 1/2 0ffset Wide(for Traxxas Maxx)
JK7301B3 Wheel Connector--12mm Wide (for Traxxas Hoss)

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