JETKO EX 1/8 Buggy tires

Posted on October 01, 2021

The JETKO EX 1/8 Buggy tires are Inherited the excellent lineage of professional JETKO racing tires which use the same materials and insert that made it longer life and high traction! The lateral grooves allow the insert to flex vertically to absorb large impacts while still maintaining lateral stability and the durability. The wheels comes two types as claws and radiation which designed with 3D structure to make it more durable and good looking! The belt was basic processing for EX 1/8 buggy tires to resist strong expansion in intense driving! There are 4 kinds of tread patterns as below :
JK1501 1/8 Buggy EX-TOMAHAWK
JK1502 1/8 Buggy EX-KING COBRA
JK1503 1/8 Buggy EX-ROCKFORM
JK1504 1/8 Buggy EX-SUPER SONIC

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