JETKO EX 1/5 XMT tires

Posted on September 30, 2021

What's first tires for JETKO EX system!?
Here comes JETKO EX 1/5 XMT tires for Traxxas X-Maxx and ARRMA Kraton 8s & Outcast 8s! With wheel connector which allow to switch between Traxxas and ARRMA system easily! The two pattens as TOMAHAWK and KING COBRA were made with USA rubber and all secured with LOCTITE instant adhesive to insure quality! The belt was basic processing for EX XMT tires to resist strong expansion in intense driving! Just come and feel the all new JETKO EX tires!
JK5801--1/5 XMT EX-TOMAHAWK Tires
JK5802--1/5 XMT EX-KING COBRA Tires
JK7304B1 EX 1/5 XMT Wheel Connector--24mm for traxxas X-Maxx
JK7304B2 EX 1/5 XMT Wheel Connector--24mm for Arrma (Kraton 8s & Outcast 8s)

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